1 Day

Othris is the mountain of Titans, who lived on it before the Olympian Gods. Not known to the touristic world, Othris is the ideal mountain for outdoor activities, with many canyons, forests and caves. Titan canyon, to its full length for this level, offers 17 abseils up to 28 meters.


  • Activity duration:7 hours
  • Preparation and training: 30′
  • Hiking before: 50′
  • Canyoning duration: 4,5 hours
  • Hiking after: 15′
  • Car transportation: 40′
  • Meeting time: 09:30
  • End time: 16:30
  • Optimum period: April to October

Membership prices:

The lowest prices are for members only. To become a member, the annual subscription is 250 € per person and has a 30% discount

Equipment provided HelmetWetsuit neoprene (5mm)


 Special canyoning backpack

 Waterproof container

Equipment must have Bathing suitShorts or leggings and shirt for trekking

 t-shirt for hiking

 A bottle of mineral water and a snack

 Bath towel

 2 pairs of shoes

  • The first will be wet during canyoning (special canyoning shoes or trekking shoes or oil resistant labor shoes, that protect the ankle)
  • The second will be used after the activity.