One tour per person
5 Days
Sport, Extreme

11-15 August 2019

Island, sea, mountains, canyons, ancient history, a place that combines them all. A place with ancient history and good traditional food. Samothraki is a famous destination for swimming in the lakes of the canyons and hiking in the wild mountains with strange rocks and rare plants. The program includes daily hiking along with canyoning, boat touring in the southern part of the most beautiful beaches, two days stay in the countryside.

The “Extreme” program combines hiking and canyon rides all over the island, as well as boating in the southern, inaccessible place.

Holidays and canyoning on the island of Samothraki.
Schedule for beginners in canyoning.
Canyons: Fonias, Gria Vathra, Gyali & Kremastos.

Level: sport & extreme.
On the first day the activity takes place in the 2nd part of the Fonias canyon, with a total duration of 6 hours.
On the second day a big canyon with a total duration of 8 hours (Gria Vathra)
On the third day, a three hour hiking trip and sleeping at the entrance to the Gyali canyon.
On the fourth day downhill 7 hours canyon overnight on the unobstructed beach that exits the Gyali canyon
On the fifth day of boarding the team on boats destined for the Kremastos waterfall. Boats will wait for the team and return.

Only for initiates!

In the program there may be minor changes due to unforeseen weather changes or other factors, taking into account the absolute security of the team.

Days 5
Level Sport- Extreme
Region Northern Greece. Island of Samothrace
Activities Hiking, canyoning, tour boat, swimming
Number of persons From 6 to 12
The price includes All activities
Boat trips to the southern part of the island
Local taxes
The price does NOT include Airplane and ferry tickets
Main meals
Anything not mentioned in the program

Program Modifications:

Changes in the program are possible according to the team’s desires. Hellas Canyon is more than willing to meet the expectations of the team with modifications, such as altering to more difficult or easier activities within the margins of the team level.


Deposit of 200€ upon participation request. The rest of the payment is realized the day of the meeting.

1st day Fonia canyon  2nd place. 1.5 hour trail, 4 hours canyoning.

2nd day Gria Vathra canyon. 2 hours walk, 6 hours canyoning (the bigger slides are there !!!)
3st day Relaxation in the afternoon 3 hours hike and overnight in the mountain with sleeping bags, approaching the next day’s route.

4th day Gyali canyon. It is the biggest canyon of Samothrace. 7 hours canyoning. The night overnight at the beach with sleeping bags and the next day boarding a boat to Kremasto.

Day 5 waterfall Kremastos. 230 meters downhill. The most exciting experience of Samothrace! We end up in the sea and embark on a boat that awaits us. 1.5 hour trail, 4 hours canyoning.

The team
Maximum group number: 12 people.
Price: 365 € (the discount of our members -30%) = 255 €
(the price includes the entire program curriculum, training, special equipment, boat trips to the southern canyons).

Equipment you need to have with you:

Three pairs of shoes

  • One pair of shoes for the canyoning with anti-slip sole and ankle protection
  • Hiking shoes
  • Shoes or flip-flops for leisure time
  • Bath towel, swimsuit, shorts or leggings, dry fit hiking jerseys, hiking socks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light jacket, day backpack, flashlight, water, anti-mosquito bite, sleeping bang, cary mat.

Equipment provided by Hellas canyon:

Helmet, safety belt, neoprene suit, canyoning bag, waterproof plastic container.