About Us

Welcome to Hellas Canyon and the magnificent world of Canyoning.

Choose among our numerous mountain activities for any level and discover the Greek canyons with us. Canyoning is more than an outdoor activity or a hobby. It is an experience that includes sports, holidays in Greece and games in nature for beginners as well as extreme athletes, who crave to push their limits.

Find the program you like or the area you wish to visit and leave the rest to the experienced team of Hellas Canyon.

Our love for the mountain and the passion for the adventure grew to become a huge community of canyoning lovers. Thanks to all the people who put their trust in us, we keep on growing and bringing more and more adventure seekers in the world of canyons. We love sharing our experience through the power of team building and nature exploration.


Is active since 1999, realizing more than 100 activities every year for groups from around the world. All members are certified and professionally trained to be tireless, kind, fast and equipped leaders for your unique and safe activities in nature.




Founder of Hellascanyon. Born in 1968. A mountain athlete since 1985 and a climber since 1993. In 1996 he first entered the canyon exploration and received one Greek and three French certifications. He is a professional canyoner since 1999.



Canyoning guide

Canyoning guide of Hellascanyon. Born in 1988. A professional swimmer and lifeguard, she embodies the female power of the team. She is kind as well as organized and has a tremendous experience in canyoning. Second language: English



Canyoning guide

Canyoning guide of Hellas Canyon. Orfeas Andreou Born in 1995. An awarded handball athlete. Being initiated in canyoning since the age of 7, he grew up in the world of canyons, participating in many missions to explore Greek canyons. His tranquility and kindness are valuable assets as a canyoning leader. Second language: English and Polish.



Canyoning guide

Canyoning guide of Hellascanyon. Born in 1979. A climber, cyclist and winter mountain athlete. Highly experienced in mountain sports, he is a quick and effective canyoning leader. Second language: English