Terms of participation

Each participant in the activities of the Hellas Canyon Academy is obliged to agree to the following terms of participation: Each participant must inform the persons responsible for any health problems (allergies, asthma, heart, knees, panic attacks, etc.) and have a medical certificate for participation in sports activities. Participants must be insured in public or private insurance, and in the event of injury, no claim is made by the organizers. They must cooperate and implement the instructions of the responsible. If they do not know basic bathing, they inform those responsible for their participation. Participants assume responsibility for their personal security. The coordinators have the right to make changes to the planned routes according to weather conditions or other factors. Escorts are responsible for the movement of the team on ropes they manage themselves, they are not responsible for any injuries during trekking inside and outside canyons. In the event of unforeseen physical hazards (earthquakes, landslides, etc. that can cause a delay – accident – accident), no one has to demand from anyone.
Canyon rides belong to dangerous sports and everything is possible in activities of this kind. For diving, slides in canyons, the organizers, after informing the safety rules team, are not responsible.

• I read and accept the above terms and wish to participate in her activities
Hellas Canyon Academy


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