Two days in Epirus

2 Days
Minimum age:

Two days in the mountains of Epirus with hiking, canyoning, accommodation in idyllic places full of rare images that you do not easily find anywhere else. Canyoning in the selected canyons of this program fascinates you!

Combine your vacation by doing your favorite activity in complete safety, accompanied by experienced Hellas canyon guides.

To participate in the canyon of Paradise Gate, you must have previous experience in canyoning and move comfortably around the canyons.

For accommodation we suggest you:

  1. Syrrako Hotel Stavraetos
  2. Refuge Melissourgon



  • Meeting time on the first day at 12:00
  • Meeting time on the second day at 9:00
  • Suitable period: July to September



  • Accredited guides
  • All Canyoning equipment (fully equipped harness, wetsuits, helmet, special backpack, waterproof container)
  • Photos /videos


What to bring

  • Bathing suit (already dressed)
  • Bathing suit Shorts or leggings for hiking
  • Extra t-shirts
  • Underwear for after the activity
  • Beach towel
  • Hair elastic (if applicable)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Individual water bottle
  • Wear contact lenses or glasses with optical cords


What shoes to wear at activity?

  • Have an extra pair of sports shoes or hiking shoes (antisliper) + a pair of socks


Special requirements

  • The minimum age is 17 years old
  • Normal physical and mental condition
  • Normal body weight
  • Capable swimmer
  • Ease with heights
  • No prior use of alcohol and drugs
  • Minors accompanied by a parent or legal guardian


If you have any concerns about your ability to join us on this great adventure, please contact us

1st day: Stavraetos

Located at the southern part of Syrrako village, where it also accessed from. Syrrako is considered a monument of Epirus, built at a 1.150m altitude. The route is mild and starts with 4 waterfalls up to 12m and some hiking breaks. At the point where the canyon meets the Chrousia gorge there is a 48m waterfall and four more up to 18m, with unusual stones and deep lakes. There is a bypass to avoid the big waterfall if needed.


  • Activity duration: 5,5 hours
  • Preparation and training: 30′
  • Hiking before: 5′
  • Canyoning duration: 4 hours
  • Hiking after: 60′
  • Meeting time: 12:00
  • End of the activity: 17:00

Second day: Gate of Paradise

The crystal waters along with the sounds echoed up to the high peaks makes the scenery surprisingly interesting. Before your participation in this route, it is required to have done canyoning at least once Hellas canyon.  Canyoning includes 8 impressive waterfalls up to 25m, many jumps and lots of water. After the canyoning follows a river hiking in Kalaritikos River.


  • Activity duration: 7 hours
  • Preparation and training: 30′
  • Hiking before: 20′
  • Canyoning duration: 5,5 hours
  • Hiking after: 25′
  • Meeting time: 09:00
  • End of the activity: 17:00
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